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Alpharetta law firm helps clients recover money lost to fraud and undue influence

Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable members of our society, and when unscrupulous people and companies cheat elderly Georgia residents out of their hard-earned savings, the victims are entitled to seek legal relief. Love Consumer Law (LCL), located in the Alpharetta area, represents senior citizens who have lost money due to fraud, undue influence or some other type of unlawful behavior.

Dedicated advocate seeks recovery when people take advantage of seniors

LCL is committed to recovering money and property that have been misappropriated from elderly people. Elder fraud targets seniors by promising them goods, services, or financial benefits that don’t exist, were never going to be provided, or have been misrepresented. Unfortunately, the illegal or improper use of an elderly person’s funds or property is not uncommon. This type of misconduct takes on many forms, including:

  • Overcharging by nursing homes and other care providers
  • Fraudulent telephone solicitations
  • Internet scams
  • Undue influence exercised by acquaintances or relatives in financial matters
  • Unfair real estate arrangements
  • Forged or coerced signatures on legal documents

Whether your situation involves one of these issues or some other malfeasance, LCL will investigate the matter thoroughly and work toward a resolution that fully accounts for the harm that was done.

Experienced attorney investigates cases where senior citizens are cheated out of their money

When you or an elder you love has been exploited financially, it can be difficult to find the person responsible for cheating you. Digging through complicated records and obtaining information from reluctant sources requires an experienced law firm. Even if you only suspect a problem, LCL will investigate your situation. LCL keeps you apprised of every development and works diligently to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Contact a skilled Georgia attorney for assistance with financial elder abuse

Love Consumer Law pursues damages on behalf of elderly people who have been victimized by financial misconduct. If you or a family member requires advice on this type of matter, call 404-855-3600 or contact LCL online for a free consultation.